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The Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management Company ENERGOPROJEKT-KATOWICE is one of the largest design and engineering companies in Poland, of established position in the power generation sector and simultaneously one of the largest in terms of all sectors. EPK is also an unquestionable leader of engineering services rendered for preparation and implementation of large power generation units. The Company's success has solid foundations, i.e. the Company's intellectual capital, being a result of synergy of efficacy, potential and creativity of our employees.


The basic target of operations run by our Company is top quality of services, the Client's satisfaction with and trust into the Company as a reliable provider of the technical documentation and an EPC expert.

The Office's strategy is based on social responsibility, with focus on solutions beneficial both for the Company, its employees and ambient environment. The Company is fully aware of its role in the surrounding society and proud that due to its contributions noble and cultural aims may be achieved.


"ENERGOPROJEKT-KATOWICE" continuously strives after the leadership in the Central European market of engineering services for the utility power generation sector, and wants to set benchmarks for other companies in the region.